Ruth Lowengart, MD, MSOM office

Ruth Lowengart, MD

Dr. Lowengart specializes in orthopedic medicine. She is skilled in treating acute and chronic musculoskeletal pain including back and neck, extremities, headaches, myofascial pain, and repetitive strain syndromes. She manages conditions due to work injuries and motor vehicle accidents.

Her non-surgical therapeutic techniques draw from a broad range of skills including osteopathic manipulation, exercise, nutrition, supplements and selective use of medications.

She incorporates the traditional skills of listening and hands-on treatment with knowledge and experience in conventional (allopathic) and alternative (osteopathic, functional, and nutritional) medicine.

Dr. Lowengart uses a systematic, individualized, patient centered approach to find the cause or root of simple and complex pain conditions. Her goal is to realize optimum health and function of the musculoskeletal system, eliminate pain and fatigue, and restore balance and health to the whole person.